Universal Shredder: Easy to use free data wiping software

If you need to destroy Internet browsing traces and need a free file shredder, look no further than Universal Shredder, this freeware will securely wipe Internet history and cookies.

Windows does delete your files when you erase them

Clicking just the delete button on Windows does not really erase your data. Computers talk in binary language, a combination of zeros and ones, what Windows does is to mark that data as deleted by adding a zero in front of all the data you have said should be deleted, now your operating system will not make it visible any longer to you but the data will still be there until it is overwritten by something else just waiting for the spaced marked available to be used.

When you click on the Empty recycle button your data is not gone! You will need to overwrite it with specialist data wiping software!

Universal Shredder screenshot

Universal Shredder screenshot

Free file shredding software 

Universal Shredder will clean your registry, where data traces of your computer activities are also stored, it will securely erase browser history including visiting links and images, it will clear Yahoo Messenger and MSN logs and delete temporary files created by Windows.

You can schedule Universal Shredder to erase all of your Internet activities certain day at a certain time periodically, this time you do not need to worry about remembering it, and through the Windows shell you can also securely wipe any file you want to make irrecoverable.

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