Review Mareew Free Eraser

Mareew free data eraser will get rid of those private files not overwritten by Windows when you click on Delete, Mareew free eraser will bypass the Windows Recycle Bin altogether and directly wipe the selected file overwriting it with random data.

This free file wiping utility has a simple and easy to use interface to browse up to the file you want to permanently delete, that is probably the best part of the program because I was not impressed at all with the rest of the non existent features. This data wiper deletes your files without using Windows recycle bin and the software is released under the GPL license (open source).

Mareew free eraser disadvantages

There is no instructions manual included with the product, the website’s developer tells you that deleted files can not be recovered by the FBI but you can’t know that for sure without the developer backing up his powerful claims about the file wiper security and not explaining basic details like the overwriting pattern is being used or how many times the file is being overwritten, fundamental knowledge that a developer should release to users instead of saying “trust me”, it is not like he is a well known personality.

The software is open source anyone with enough programming knowledge can find that out looking at the source code, but how many people is skilled enough to do that? It shouldn’t be that difficult to include a readme.txt file with some basic data about Mareew free eraser.

I used Mareew free eraser to securely wipe an 80MB video file and it was so quick that it felt like a single pass was being used (because of the speed) but I can’t say for sure as the product includes no information at all.

You get no warning or are asked for confirmation before “securely” erasing a file, you have no progress bar or time remaining indication while wiping a file, Mareew free eraser can only wipe single files it isn’t able to select a folder for deletion.

There is a huge banner advertisement linking to Mareew website selling data recovery software, this banner is located right below the software and it is easy to click on it by accident.

Mareew free eraser interface

Mareew free eraser interface 

Conclusion on Mareew free eraser

Poor usability, no information included at all with the file wiper and a total lack of  data erasing settings. I am going to stay away from this software, already uninstalled, I am convinced you can find a better free data wiper.

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