Permanently erase files to DoD 522.22-M standard with Super File Shredder

Super File Shredder is a free open source Windows utility to remove sensitive files and folders from your computer by overwriting them several times with your chosen algorithm, with a choice of a quick but low security simple one pass, DoD 5220.22-M (US Department of Defence standard), a 7 pass erasing algorithm and the Gutmann erasing algorithm with 35 passes.

 This tool can be integrated in Windows right click, select the files or folders using the interface or drag and drop the files you would like to securely erase inside the program main window. The secure erasing includes wiping of file names and zeroing after wiping, these last two choices can be disabled in settings although I see no reason for that.

Super File Shredder freeware

Super File Shredder freeware

I found the program to be very easy to use and I liked that it can erase full folders in addition to single files but it could be improved allowing the user to resize the main window, sometimes you can’t see properly the file path if it is too long and the window too small, another shortcoming is that when I right-clicked on a file to wipe it I was asked for administrator rights, in other wiping software I normally use this is not necessary and it saves you time.

The level of security is enough to stop software recovery tools from uncovering your personal files but remember that temporary files could exist elsewhere in your operating system. If your opponent is serious about getting hold of your data I would invest in an all round security suite that takes care of temporary files and not a single data wiping tool like Super File Shredder designed to stop occasional snoopers and unsophisticated people.

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