Square Privacy Cleaner wipes computer temporary files

Square Privacy Cleaner will not only erase all of your Internet browsing traces but also temporary data that Windows leaves behind you and can be recovered by any malicious snooper to embarrass you.

What you look at on the Internet is nobody’s business but yours, if you want to stop a noisy wife or your employer from finding out what pages you visit and what you have downloaded Square Privacy Cleaner will help you out to clean all of the Internet browser traces as well as erasing temporary Windows files.

Square Privacy Cleaner settings

Square Privacy Cleaner settings

Besides erasing your computer activities temporary files this privacy software will also help you run your computer junk free and it can also be used as a junk and temporary Windows files cleaner as it will clear all of your Windows logs and garbage files left behind by uninstall software.

Square Privacy Cleaner advantages

Square Privacy Cleaner has a portable version that you can carry on a USB thumbdrive, this is ideal if you are using a public computer at work or at the library and want to make sure that no traces of your Internet surfing activities will be left behind and you do not need administrator rights to use this privacy cleaner which means it will work in any computer.

Square Privacy Cleaner supports Internet browser traces deletion for Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera and Chrome, and it also supports erasing of very hard to find temporary data like index.dat files and flash cookies. Everything is over written using the DoD 7 pass method.

Best Square Privacy Cleaner features

  • Clean Windows Traces
  • Clean Registry MRU Lists
  • Clean Clipboard Cache
  • Clean Wordpad History
  • Clean Internet Traces
  • Clean Java Cache, Logs and Temp Directory
  • Clean Flash Player History
  • Clean WinRAR & WinZIP History
  • Clean Other Applications History
  • Clean Windows Temp Directories
  • Clean Windows Log Files
  • Delete index.DAT Files on next Reboot
  • Delete Locked Files on next Reboot

Conclusion review Square Privacy Cleaner

You can use this program to erase most junk files, hard to erase logs and temporary Windows files, my concern is that it has not been updated for some time and in the word of technology it is important to keep up to date with the latest developments. Something that works can be broken tomorrow. This paid software is not very expensive, but if your privacy is at risk, is best you spend a little more finding something better than being cheap and compromise your security.

I would not buy this program, look into other commercial solutions and you will see that they have more features.

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