Erase registry entries and temporary files with CleanAfterMe

Every time you open a file in Windows, to view, listen or edit it, Windows registry keys are automatically created, those registry keys can reveal the file names you have been looking at as well as the time and date that the entry was created, CleanAfterMe is a tiny 38Kb free application that will erase all of those registry entries as well as your internet browser cookies, history, cache and stored passwords, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera are supported.

CleanAfterMe portable edition is able to run from inside an USB thumbdrive making it ideal to use at public computers like libraries and Internet cafe, it will be hard to detect that an eraser been used. When you launch CleanAfterMe for the first time you will be presented with the folders and paths where Windows is keeping temporary files that can be recovered by a snooper, Windows Recycle bin, Windows prefetch files, event logs, clipboard and standard Windows applications like Windows Media Player, Live Mail and Office are all included in the data cleaning process.

CleanAfterMe erase Windows temporary files

CleanAfterMe erase Windows temporary files

After CleanAfterMe has executed you will be presented with a report stating what files have been erased. Be warned that by default the files will not be overwritten, you need to change the settings in advanced options and instruct CleanAfterMe fill to files with zero bytes before deleting them to make sure that no busybody using specialist data recovery software can unerase the data.

This free data wiping utility can be used from command line for extra speed, is available in over 20 languages and there is an installable version as well as a portable one.

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