Erase Internet browsing traces with WIPE

This privacy software called Wipe will protect your computer privacy clearing your Internet browser history (support for Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer and Firefox), cache, cookies, autocomplete data, temporary files and index.dat files, the later being hidden Windows files thatcontain URLs of visited  websites and impossible to delete manually.

Wipe main features

  • Removal of Internet browsing traces
  • Wiping of Windows temporary files
  • Clears tracks in +100 applications
  • Detailed preview before erasing data
  • Automatic shut down of running programs if necessary
  • Verifies that data has been properly erased
  • Choice of algorithm for data wiping
Internet trace destructor WIPE

Internet trace destructor WIPE

WIPE can use the US DoD 5220.22-M, Gutmann and Russian GOST algorithms to completely erase your personal and private data, any of those data wiping methods are more than enough to make your data irrecoverable by experts, what algorithm to use is up to each individual, the result will be about the same, your temporary computer data will be gone for good with no possibility of recovery.

The US Department of Defense 5220.22-M algorithm (overwrites the data 3 times) is probably the best one for speed and as secure as the Guttmann method, the later one being more suitable for a tin foil paranoid kind of person who has time on his hands and doesn’t care care about shortening the hard drive lifespan .

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