Clean Temporary Places erases Windows temporary files

Windows stores temporary files in unsuspecting places, even after wiping data safely it is perfectly possible that if you opened a file with a text editor or viewed it with Windows Media player a temporary back up copy could have been stored by Windows somewhere in your hard disk.

There are thousand of Windows system files that the user never gets to see, typical places where Windows and other programs store temporary files are the prefetch folder, Windows temp folder, Internet Explorer cache, etc. You can customize Clean Temporary Places to erase data from specific folders, this is as easy as checking a box, Microsoft Updates uninstall files that normally remain behind can also be erased. Its tab navigation system makes this junk files cleaner easy to navigate and configure, Clean Temporary Places will show you a graph of the data being cleared out and the hard disk size space you have regained.

Windows cleaner Clean Temporary Places

Windows cleaner Clean Temporary Places

This open source program is an easy to use simple junk files cleaner, not amazing, but good value for money (i.e. it’s free). The only problem is that it only covers Windows, this software will not erase temporary files created by non system applications you have downloaded off the Internet, like WinAmp, WinRar or ACDSee, Clean Temporary Places capabilities are limited to mostly erasing Windows temporary files, you can configure it to remove other applications temporary files, but only if you know folders they are using, no easy feat.

NOTE: Clean Temporary Places will not overwrite your files, this is a junk files cleaner not a secure wiper.

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