Clean computer junk files with freeware System Ninja

After a year of using your computer, Windows temporary files and junk files tend to gather at unsuspecting places, software that has previously been uninstalled will have left all kind of junk files, the amalgamate of all these obsolete files will end up taking up hard disk space and slowing down your computer.

System Ninja is portable and can be run from a USB thumbdrive, there is no need for installation, it has a junk file scanner, startup processes manager, process manager, folder junk cleaner, file analyser and a, CCleaner add-on called CCEnhancer.  You can also point System Ninja towards a determined folder to scan it for computer junk files.

Typical Windows temporary files removed by this free junk files cleaner are: Windows temp files .tmp, thumbnail caches, folder config files, Internet browser cookies and Internet browser cache (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Flock), Windows system logs, Windows memory dumps (created when the computer crashes), and list of recently opened files.

System Ninja free Windows junk files cleaner

System Ninja free Windows junk files cleaner

This computer junk files cleaner also has a process malware scanner, System Ninja’s File Analyzr feature allows you choose a suspicious file, create a checksum (fingerprint it) display the file last accessed time and then you can select to send the suspect file to two antivirus services online, and ThreatExpert.

Only note that System Ninja will not overwrite your files, this is not a privacy cleaner, System Ninja is a computer junk files cleaner to speed up your computer and regain hard disk space.

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