Wipe Windows page file and folders with SecureDelete

TweakNow SecureDelete is a simple easy to use file and folder shredder, it supports standard wiping algorithms, DoD 5220.22M at 7 or 3 passes, this method partially complies with the  National Industrial Security Program (NISP) manual, a US nominal authority to manage standard procedures of private contractors to access classified information, although NISPOM 2007 edition warns that only “degaussing or physical destruction” is acceptable for media sanitization, have into account that Governments work at paranoia level and TweakNow Secure Delete DoD 5220.22M at 7 passes is more than enough to stop unerase utilities including those used by law enforcement.

There is another option to select the Gutmann method to overwrite a file or folder 35 times and another method can be chosen to overwrite data using random characters, manually configurable to as many passes as you like, up to 100 times.

TweakNow SecureDelete freeware eraser

TweakNow SecureDelete freeware eraser

SecureDelete can wipe data stored in the Windows page file at shutdown, the Windows page file is where the operating system stores information when and if it runs out of volatile RAM memory, all kind of confidential data could be found there, including passwords, computer forensics suites are capable of extracting page file data, Windows page file, also known as swap file, can not be manually deleted as it is part of the operating system, this is the reason why it has to be wiped at shutdown or boot up. If you choose to wipe your Windows page file the shutdown process will take much longer than usual, it’s probably best to only enable this option only once in a while and if you have enough RAM in your computer you don’t need to wipe Windows page file as it will be empty.

TweakNow SecureDelete can be used to wipe files in the Recycle Bin, but it would be best not to use the Recycle Bin in the first place, you can disable the Recycle Bin right-clicking on it, choose properties and tick “Remove files immediately when deleted” or use SecureDelete to get rid of the file permanently when you want to erase it, circumventing the Recycle Bin.

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