Portable data wiper FileKiller, ideal for internet cafe and library

FileKiller is an open source free data overwritting software that will get rid of all of your sensitive files stored in your hard disk, such as internet porn, banking details and any other file. When Windows deletes a file this is still easily retrieved using specialist software, with FileKiller you can be sure that your files will be overwritten beyond recovery and it will protect your personal computer privacy.

FileKiller can overwrite files with three different methods

Best of all, FileKiller is only 23Kb in size, it easy fits on a USB thumbdribe and needs no installation. If you are the kind of guy who uses the internet at the library or at an internet cafe, simply load FileKiller onto your USB thumbdrive and use it to wipe any files you have downloaded from the public computer.

FileKiller allows for up to 100 overwrittes of a file, but this is absolutely stupid, nobody needs that many passes for file wiping, overwritting a file a single time is enough for most users, and overwritting it three times will even stop security agencies like the FBI from recovering that file for ever.

FileKiller file overwrite

FileKiller file overwrite

The only downside FileKiller has is that it does not support drag and drop, on the bright side it will allow you to choose how you want to overwrite your files, with random data, specific ASCII characters or blank characters, also known as overwritting the file with zeros.

If you want to avoid anyone knowing that you have overwritten certain file you should always choose to overwrite it with random data as an specific pattern such as all zeroes and ASCII characters will reveal that there has been an attempt to get rid of the data.

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