Erase files securely with file wiper Zer0

Zer0 is a simple drag and drop secure file wiping software, in modern computers this tool will make use of multithreading to speed up data wiping. Multicore computers run instructions in parallel avoiding bottlenecks.

You can also erase files using right click, Zer0 only requires a single click to make sure your files will be gone for ever, there are no complicate configurations and no options. Files are erased with what the website lists as “high security wiping algorithm“, after asking further information to the developer he claimed that Zer0 implements the Guttman method (35 overwrites) 5 times and 3 specific processes to make recovery impossible. I was surprised at how quick file wiping is given those specs as it means that files are overwritten over 100 times.

Free file wiper Zer0

Free file wiper Zer0

My only criticism with this software is the lack of information about the wiping pattern, I had to go out of my way and ask about it, when it comes to data erasing, unless you have low security needs, you will want to make sure that everything is perfect and the software uses some well known algorithm. While installing Zer0 ¬†you will have to watch out for toolbars before clicking on “next“, but you can’t blame the developer for this as it is optional and everyone has to make a living with their work one way or another.

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