Erase external drives and partitions with Remo Drive Wipe

Remo Drive Wipe is a Windows only hard drive erasing tool that allows you to remove sensitive data from physical or logical drives (a logical drive is a part of a physical hard drive that has been partitioned and functions as a separate drive),  by overwriting it with selected patterns that adjust to international disk wiping standards.

The free version of Remo Drive Wipe allows you to wipe a hard drive using a fast zero overwrite, random overwrite or DoD-5220.22M, the first two methods consist of a single data wipe pass, useful for a quick low security wiping, the third method consists of the US Department of Defense standard for sanitizing classified information, a three data wiping pass, more than enough for the home user with the data unlikely to be ever recovered.

Remo Drive Wipe free edition

Remo Drive Wipe free edition

Remo Drive Wipe is not a DBAN alternative, you should not use this software to wipe the hard drive where you are booting your operating system from, this tool runs from inside Windows and it will inevitably stop working if you erase Windows, leaving data still unerased, there is no security mechanism stopping you from doing this. Remo Drive Wipe is perfect to erase partitions, external hard drives and USB thumbdrives but not your main operating system.

For those dealing with data where the opponent can invest a fantastic amount of time and money studying the magnetic fields on the disk platter surface, state sponsored adversaries in search of trade or military secrets, Remo Drive Wipe has a paid for version of its software that includes the NATO data wiping pattern, US Navy NAVSO P-5239-26, Verschlusssache IT Richtlinien (VSITR) method as defined by the German Federal Office for Information Security and a paranoid combination of Peter Gutmann plus the DoD-5220.22M data wiping method, Remo Drive Wipe paid for version helps IT administrators justify to their employers that they are using a strong standard data wiping method to destroy information and cover themselves from any legal liability.

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