Clean Windows and delete junk files with Weeny Free Cleaner

Weeny Free Cleaner is an all-round junk files cleaning software to get rid of Windows temporary files that most users are not even aware have been left behind, the software is composed of a Windows System Cleaner, Internet Browser Cleaner, Windows Registry Cleaner and Disk Drive Cleaner, each section is clearly marked and it has its own settings.

A basic system tweaker, shortcut fixer and secure file deletion are also included, the secure deletion can wipe individual files and folders using a 3 overwrite pass and a labelled “NSA Standard” overwrites selected data with 7 passes.

Weeny Free Cleaner erases Internet browser traces

Weeny Free Cleaner erases Internet browser traces

Internet browser history, cookies, index.dat and cache can all be deleted with a single click, if you want to save specific cookies from deletion they can be added to an exception list, but only Internet Explorer and Firefox are supported. The embedded Windows registry cleaner will get rid of obsolete Registry keys that clog up the computer slowing it down over the time.

Weeny Free Cleaner erases Windows Prefetch files, log files, flash cookies, temporary files, Recycle Bin and a few other places, this cleaner can erase temporary files from non Windows applications, like Winrar, Adobe and ACDSee but it appears that this is mostly reduced to erasing the “Recent file list” leaving behind logs and temp files, clearly not enough for privacy.

I found this Windows System cleaner to be adequate for a freeware, without any WOW factor, most paid for products beat it in features and have a more user friendly interface, Weeny Free Cleaner will do a good job for those requiring light cleaning once in a while and are not at risk of someone using undelete software to recover previously erased temporary files, its best feature is probably the secure file and folder overwriting.

The software will contact Installmonetizer online when you install it, a company helping developers monetize their free software by bundling sponsored applications, like toolbars, the good news is that you can reject it by clicking on decline.

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Note:  Make sure to read the screen during installation to stop adware being installed in your computer, also note that Windows temporary files are not overwritten.