Freeware junk files cleanser Zappit System Cleaner

Zappit System Cleaner is a free internet tracks cleaner and system optimizer, this software will help you speed up your computer and gain extra disk space by erasing temporary and obsolete files that clog your operating system,  it will also get rid of your Internet browsing tracks which will help to keep your privacy at bay.

Zappit System Cleaner will erase data from the Recycle Bin, Windows clipboard, temporary folders, log file and the recently viewed documents list, it also erases your web surfing activities covering Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera browsers, however erasing traces from third-party applications only covers a few programs.

This Internet tracks cleaner has a safe deletion mode for beginners and an advanced mode with features for customizing your file deletion for advanced users. Zappit  creates a restore point before erasing the junk files which guarantees you that if anything goes wrong you can go back to the system original state.

Zappit System Cleaner can also sort your Windows Start Menu alphabetically and disable or enable the programs that start when you boot up Windows.

Zappit System Cleaner

Zappit System Cleaner

NOTE: Zappit System Cleaner does not include a secured file shredder, anyone using a simple undelete software could potentially recover your preciously erased files, treat Zappit more like a junk file cleaner and not like a secure way to erase your Internet tracks beyond recovery.

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